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Feeding Namibia - Ensuring A Nutrition and Food Secure Country Through Inclusive Economic Growth”

 Post-Independence Namibia is facing its biggest liberation struggle yet – the economic liberation struggle. With the goal of Prosperity in mind as outlined in the Harambee Plan, Namibians need to tackle the challenge of poverty eradication. This means the creation of wealth. The first step toward wealth creation is food production.

 According to an assessment published by the National Early Warning and Food Information Unit in May and June 2016, approximately 596,000 Namibians face the distinct possibility of hunger and are in need of food assistance.

Food security has become one of the most pressing policy concerns for both government and civil society. Considered the driest country in southern Africa, Namibia is no stranger to drought. The lack of advanced technology and know-how for an efficient agriculture and food processing industry hampers development in this sector and keeps Namibia dependent on food imports.

Food insecurity is detrimental to our economy and society at large, both in the short term and in the long term. Without a shared vision and concrete plans, we are destined to fail in this struggle.


The conference has a mix of oral and poster presentations on the following topics:


  • Nutrition and Food Security
  • The Role of Women, Youth and Marginalized Groups in commercialized agriculture
  • Growth at Home value addition in Agriculture food production
  • Climate – SMART Agriculture (CSA)
  • Standards and Market Access
  • Food Safety and Quality
  • Access to funding for Agriculture food production



  • NGO in Agriculture
  • Tertiary institution
  • Government agency in Agriculture
  • Market trends / Value addition
  • Financial institution in Agriculture
  • Trade and SME Development agency
  • Farmers Union


07:30 Registration and Tea/Coffee

08:30 Welcome and Introduction

08:50 Official Opening

09:20 Play a Video on Farming and Food Activity in Namibia

09:30 Keynote Address

10:00 Tea/Coffee

10:20 Plenary Session & Discussions

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Introducing Breakaway Sessions

13:40 Three (3) Breakaway Sessions & Discussions

15:10 Tea/Coffee

15:40 Report Back from Three Breakaway Sessions & Discussions

17:10 Bringing It All Together & Concluding

17:30 End of Conference and Networking Session

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